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Protecting your Artwork

When using any materials to protect your art piece it is important that the artwork is protected from damage. It is critical that any materials (matting, Mounting hinges, backing, etc.) contain no harmful elements that could affect the life of the artwork. Acids and other contaminants have the potential to leach onto the artworks surface and compromise both the colouring and the substrate that the work has been created upon. Today most professional framers advise their customers about the benefits of archival protection so the owner will be able to enjoy their original image for years in the future. The example shown above illustrates the difference between archival and non archival protection after a period of around 10 years. I’ve recently had the opportunity to open some of my archival protected work from over 30 years ago and found no deterioration. The small additional cost you pay your framer for this type of protection becomes insignificant.

Framed, not using archival / acid-free materials. Framed, using archival / acid-free materials.


I use only top quality watercolour pigments and paper along with archival, acid free matting and framing.

My work has been evaluated after 20 years and has shown no deterioration. Please contact me if you have any questions or special requests with the handling of your order.

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