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Bob captures the seasonal changes of the Canadian prairies with a watercolor style that depicts agricultural farmland on the prairies.

This is a history of past works by Bob Pitzel. These images are either sold or not for sale. To view work for sale by Bob Pitzel, please go to the painting gallery.


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  • Clouds 2016 1
    Clouds 2016 1
  • Backroad Early Fall
    Poplar Trunk
  • Backroad Early Fall
    Backroad Early Fall
  • Frost Warning
    First Frost
  • Lady Slipper
    Lady Slipper
  • Rocks Along A Fenceline
    Rocks Along A Fenceline
  • Winter Storage
    Winter Storage
  • Bulyea Sask
    Bulyea Sask
  • Deep Snow and Treeline Sketch
    Deep Snow and Treeline

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