Bob Pitzel

Biography History

Bob Pitzel was born and raised in the prairie community of Humboldt Saskatchewan. At the age of 18 he left to pursue an education in art at the Alberta College of Art in Calgary, graduating in 1971 with a four year diploma in advertising art. Having always wanted to be an artist, Pitzel admits that his being blessed with a good deal of stubbornness has enabled him to pursue his goal with a certain degree of success.

Originally interested in a career as a commercial artist, Bob came to realize after his four years in Calgary, that a smaller center was more compatible with his lifestyle, making a career purely in commercial art unrealistic. Returning to Humboldt he formed Graphic Ad Limited in August 1971, a company which specializes in signs, screen-printing, and commercial design. As the company became more established he was able to devote more time to paint for enjoyment, and soon became aware that a future in both commercial and fine art was possible.

Since selling his business in 2004, Bob is much sought after for his business knowledge, as well, he now has time to focus on his passion of painting. He has been juried into many art exhibitions and auctions by major public and private art galleries from across the country and has donated to select regional and national charities and fundraisers to support the community.

Bob has travelled the world, but feels right at home on the prairies where the rural landscape and iconic images of farm and railscapes occupy much of his time. His work can be found in major collections by business and government, as well as public and private collections.

Statement Fine Art

Pitzel particularly enjoys the freedom of choice that the fine art field allows in the selection of subject matter. This freedom, when compared to the unavoidable creative restrictions, which are encountered in the graphic industry, is the main reason why he does not accept commission works. He feels that the subject matter must excite and motivate him and when one is required to work within another person's guidelines this level of intensity cannot always take place.