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Bob Pitzel

Bob Pitzel is a prairie watercolor artist who lives in the community of Humboldt, in Saskatchewan. He enjoys the strict discipline of watercolor and employs it to depict rural landscapes. His images are of farmyards and aging machinery, the vanishing railway stations, freight trains and rolling stock; along with old commercial structures such as elevators and country stores. These moments in time are captured in a recognizable and realistic style that he is known for.

His use of detail, color and light with patterns of geometric verses organic shapes, articulate the monumental prairie landscape. Within this fabric of rural life, Bob’s keen observation of daily life and small town nuances often refresh memories of the subtle things people generally overlook.

Writer Elizabeth Shih's eBook, 'Getting Past It: Five Creatives Face Adversity', features Bob, as well as four other local "creatives" who have faced professional and personal challenges. To find out more, please visit